Goaltending Program

LHA Hawks Nest

Program Overview

Goalies are a key contributor to the competitiveness and success of our teams. Hawks' goalie program implements sustainable athletic programming, both on and off ice, to provide goalies with the tools to excel and the opportunity to maximize skill development. Coaches dedicated solely to goalie development consistently attend practices and in-season clinics as well as periodically provide game analysis to develop age appropriate skills and techniques.

Littleton Hockey is dedicated to working towards USA Hockey's goal of 51 in 30.  USA Hockey, in a quest to help local coaches and goalies, created the 51 in 30 initiative in 2017. It is a lofty goal.  "The 51 in 30 goal is to have 51 percent of the minutes played in the NHL and NWHL, played by Americans by the year 2030.

“This entails a holistic approach to improving the American goalie development culture through coach and parent education, goaltending development and collaboration with all aspects of the youth hockey world leading into junior hockey, college hockey and ultimately onto professional hockey.” 

“We want our goalies who have the dream to play at the highest levels, to embrace that dream and for us to give them an environment and enable them to chase that dream with every resource. We're big believers that when a child says they want to make it to the NHL or the NWHL, that we want them to continue to chase that dream. We want to help them achieve that dream and every hockey aspiration they have, knowing that throughout that process, they're going to learn many valuable life lessons and they're going to be able to develop as players and as people." 

The goalie program will have the following elements:

  • Goalies coach on the ice with each team on a weekly basis starting in October.
  • Age appropriate training that will help the long-term athletic development
  • Video/GoPro analysis. Goalies will be recorded executing drills and given immediate feedback.
  • Monthly goalie email will be sent out with updates on what's happening.


2024-25 Hawks Nest Dates/Times: TBD

Dillon Whalen

Director of Goaltending

Littleton Hockey Association Goaltending Alumni

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