About Littleton Hockey

Our Mission

We are an athlete-centered organization that places the needs of children first. The Littleton Hockey Association provides a safe, rewarding, and fair competitive environment that will have a positive impact upon the long-term development of participants as individuals, hockey players and members of their communities. We give each athlete the opportunity to participate to the best of their ability and to develop as a hockey player. 


Our Association

Littleton Hockey Association (the “Association”) is a Colorado non-profit, 501(c)(3) corporation, which enjoys an affiliation agreement with the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association (CAHA) USA Hockey, and conducts its programs primarily at The Edge Ice Arena and The Ice Ranch, both in Littleton, Colorado. All teams are registered with CAHA and USA Hockey. In partnership with the parents, coaches, Foothills Parks and Recreation District and The Ice Ranch, we want to ensure that children are provided a meaningful, enjoyable, challenging and safe hockey experience. The Association operates co-ed hockey programming as the Littleton Hawks, and all-female hockey programming as the Colorado 14ers.

Our Community

Together, we will nurture the physical and emotional well-being of all Members in an environment that fosters and promotes a sense of community and fun. The success of the Association will be measured by holding ourselves accountable for creating an environment where more children enjoy playing the game and participating in hockey in the future.


Our Commitment

The consistent demonstration of good sportsmanship by all players, parents and spectators at the ice rink is the guiding principle of our mission. We are committed to giving these young players a positive experience in ice hockey in these important years. In our Association, this means ensuring that EVERY young player is treated with dignity and respect. We encourage and promote a true competitive spirit while focusing on players’ personal growth. In return, Members commit to personally creating a culture of fun, discipline and encouraging support.


Our Core Values

Sportsmanship – A sense of fair play; to be humble in victory, gracious in defeat, and show friendship and mutual respect with teammates, opponents, officials and coaches.

Integrity – Foster honesty and fair play in conjunction with a strict interpretation of the rules and regulations of the game.

Pursuit of Excellence – At both the individual and team level, perform each aspect of the game to the highest level of his/her ability.

Enjoyment – The hockey experience should be fun, satisfying and rewarding.

Teamwork – Value the strength of learning to work together.

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